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product features


 NeverFurl_Close-up_with_Arrows.jpgNever Furl® designed to keep your flag flying free all day long, everyday of the year!


Compare for yourself versus other products on the
market and see
the difference with this innovative design!



to install

Mounts easily on
all standard ¾", 1", 1½", and 2" diameter flagpoles

Works on flagpoles made of
any material and any length

Works equally well on Vertical, Outrigger or Horizontal poles

Can be used on taperer or telescoping poles

regardless of changes in wind speed and direction

Works with
all size flags from finial to bracket

Can be used with grommet or hemmed flags and banners

Will not rust and all material is made from high grade plastics with UV
blocking added.  Metal rings are stainless steel for durability

Available in
both white and black molded plastic

And finally, can
fly at half mast if needed


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