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neverfurl testimonials


 I’ve been a very pleased user of Never Furl® for over two years and it works great! My 4’ by 6’ flag never gets tangled up, even in the worst weather. It is a great product and I have recommended it to friends and family. In fact, I have two sets that I use all the time.”    Barry Burt, Atlanta, Georgia


"We purchased our complete flagpole over ten years ago. After the world trade center attack on our nation we began to fly our flag every day. The flag just never twists and tangles around the pole like it did with the poles we had before we bought yours. It is a great idea and works as advertised, even with the strong winds we sometimes get here in Houston."   Kenneth E. Ruby, Houston, TX


I’ve been using the Never-Furl for since October 2001 here in Waterbury Center, Vermont, and I’ve not had a problem with my flag wrapping around the pole in all of that time. I really appreciate being able to fly my flag without worrying about it getting all twisted up, especially with an anti-furling system that’s manufactured right here in the USA. Thanks for a great product!”   Dan Deptulski, Waterbury Center, VT


"I have to tell you that years ago when I first discovered your Never Furl® product, I was so excited to see that someone had finally solved the pfoblem of tangled-up flags. Now, I don't have the chance to fly my flag every day but when I do I never get tired of sitting outside on my terrace and watch my flag fly freely as it should!  I've lived here in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands for over 30 years and it's probably been over 10 years that I purchased the Never Furl® kit online. There is no doubt in my mind that it is an awesome product!"    Naomi Baylarian, St. Thomas, USVI


I have been using the Never Furl flagpole hardware on all national holidays and holiday week-ends since purchasing your product in April, 2003. The Never Furl hardware is great in all conditions and I never have the need to unfurl or untangle my flags. After eleven years of use I would gladly recommend the Never Furl product.”  Bob Schultz, New Braunfels, TX


I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Never Furl Product. I live in the Chicagoland area, and have had proudly flown our flag since September 11, 2001. Your product has allowed us to fly the flag worry free through the cold winters and hot summers here in the Midwest. The Never Furl system works better than any other product I have seen. You have a customer for life.”   Howard Stoller, Winfield, IL


I have utilized the NeverFurl Flag kits on my flag, mounted on a 45° angle, for about fifteen years. The NeverFurl unit has functioned as desired the entire time. As an extra comment, my wife purchased a flag last fall with its own mounting devices (not NeverFurl) and every time the wind blows, the flag furls!”  Don R. Frazor, P.E., San Antonio, TX


We are a privately held small Technical College and have been located in Amityville, New York for over 50 years. For the past several years we have used the “NeverFurl” product on our flag poles to prevent the flags from wrapping around the poles. The product does its job in just about any condition. ”    Ralph A. Ceraso, Amityville, New York


 We have a home on the coast of NC. Our home is very close to the ocean and we have constant wind on our deck facing the ocean. We use a simple 1" chrome plated flag pole mounted to a post mount on the side of our upper deck. The Never Furl system keeps the flag from tangling even in the windiest of conditions. Often time we get winds as high as 30 to 40MPH before I take the flag down.

Previous to purchasing the Never Furl system we had gone through 2 other flag poles with flimsy clips on them. One was even wooden. They either blew out of the holder, bent or broke in the winds. I actually googled several different keywords about flags and wind when I found the Never Furl system. It is great. We built our home in 2006 and immediately went through two flag poles with clips. The next year I found the Never Furl system and it is still in use today, four years later.

I would highly recommend your system to anyone in a windy environment like ours. Also since they are made our of nylon or plastic material they do not rust which is also important to us.  Thanks again for making a great product here in the USA.”    Kevin Thomas, Bowling Green, KY


 Thank you all for solving so accurately the problem of furled flag on a pole. It simply does not happen now because of your NeverFurl product. It is so simple and priced right that everybody should have one, plus send as gifts. The end result is our beautiful flag displayed perfectly.”   John Grant, Rowland Heights, CA

We have tried many other remedies for our tangled flags, and they were soon discarded as unworkable. In our perpetually breezy climate on the Eastern shore of Virginia, the "NeverFurl" never fails, and has remained sturdy in three years of use.” June Swan, Virginia


 We own a motel by the name of American Host Inn of Hart, Michigan. As part of our exterior presentation, we have an American flag flying under our canopy. For several years we continually found our flag wrapped around its support pole which meant that it was not only ineffective, but actually ugly - possibly showing disrespect for the colors.

One year while purchasing a replacement flag, I grumbled that it was near a waste of effort to even have the flag flying and why. The folks quickly offered a product called: NeverFurl. I was skeptical but willing to try.

What a wonderful surprise and delight! No more furled flag! What a nice touch for our business and given the modest price, what a bargain.”   Don Poole, Hart, MI

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